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    Jeff Fassett

    Unfortunately, all of my customers campaigns consist of more than 1 item so a campaign ‘store’ is really an item. This is the primary reason we continue to keep using other solutions for our customer campaigns. 

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    Megan Robnett (Edited )

    The campaign products should be editable after it is launched. A lot of work goes into putting one together, especially now that multiple items can be added. If an apparel color is left off or an error is made to the design the whole campaign has to be remade. This is especially true if the campaign is owned by the fulfillment center. Additionally the fulfillment center should be able to over ride the wholesale cost. I’m not sure why the setup asks if the campaign is owned by you or someone else when the fulfillment center doesn’t get any added control over the campaign.

    Items in the campaign should also be able to be named by the user, instead of using stock names from the apparel.

    lastly, the product selection process is clunky and isn’t very user friendly. The person setting up the campaign should be able to search for items by name or item number.

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    Crystal McCawley


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