Update Wilcom engine to allow newer files to be uplaoded




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    Erik Moncousky

    1000% agree!

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    Joshua Parr (c)

    Agreed, I have Wilcom e4 and it does slow things down having to back save. When can we recolor and upload DST files? InkSoft and other platforms allow this feature and I know several shops that prefer to use Tajima Pulse digitizing software. That would make DecoNetwork more flexible for the embroidery decoration process.

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    Sargon Temmuz


    We are currently using version., e4.5.4 29 Mar 2022

    It’s a hassle for our staff to continually save files in an older version in order to upload to deconetwork. espailly when we have several locations and several staff.

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  • DecoNetwork Team
    Cristofer Cruz

    The new Wilcom engine with support for the newest format files has been implemented starting with version 8.606 which is now rolling out to select account as beta. The update will be out shortly thereafter once stability has been verified.

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