Show Stitch Count on Order Worksheet



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    Jane Moore

    I think it is an internal item for internal projections and KPI reporting for profit margins. I think that if you put it on the invoice or the quote the client would balk at prices for a small left chest logo.

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    David Foster

    You can edit your work order sheet to include Stitch counts I haven't quite figured out the correct script but i am sure someone here could help with this.

    In this section you can add the stitch count

    <div class="lineitem_view_col2">
                            <h3>Size & Position</h3>
                                <li><label>Size: </label>{{ process.bounding_box_size }}</li>
                                <li><label>Location: </label>{{ }}</li>
                                <li><label>Top: </label>{{ process.position_top }}</li>
                                <li><label>Left: </label>{{ process.position_left }}</li>
                                <li><label>Stitches: </label>{{ job.get_digitization_stitch_count }}</li>


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