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    Jedrek Martin

    The reason being, simple is always better! Let's not overwhelm our customers with hundreds of products they can design and do our job as promotional suppliers by picking the best items for them! We are using this as our print on demand category!

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  • DecoNetwork Team
    Cristofer Cruz

    Hey Jedrek Martin, have you considered disabling decoration methods from the products you want to sell just as blanks? That would make it so they don't show in the designer.

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    Jeremy Weber

    We have design options for the customer to select (like names etc.) we then add these after they order so that it is smooth for production! We don't want our customers to have to add names to the items themself because it's a hassle and they do not know the correct guidelines. But we also fo not want to disable decoration methods because we want to access it in the backend to add the names after they order!

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