Screen Printing Option & DTG option for Retail Customer

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    Pete DuVal

    You're not likely to print less than 24 pieces on a 3/c screen job, so if you set that as a minimum, the customer can't order the run that way. We used to use InkSoft and it was much worse in this regard. You may want to peruse the articles on setting up products and minimums. Deconetwork is very, very powerful, but you need to study it to unlock the workflows that are appropriate for you.

    You could also set up custom products not based on a specific product that are specifically for "Full Colour Tees From Photo or Logo" or "One Colour Logo" or similar and link that to your landing pages. Once the customer gets started, you have a foot in the door. The customers typically don't know or care how the job gets done - you just need a starting point from whence you can advise them and ultimately get the sale.

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