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    Jane O'Neill

    We really could do with this kind of API too. 

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    Eric Babcock

    Objective: To enable seamless integration between DecoNetwork and OrderDesk for efficient order management and print-on-demand fulfillment.


    1. Streamlined Workflow: Direct integration will allow for automatic order import and synchronization between DecoNetwork and OrderDesk, reducing manual data entry and the potential for errors.
    2. Improved Order Management: Automatic updates on order status, shipping information, and inventory levels will enhance order tracking and management capabilities.
    3. Enhanced Customer Experience: Faster processing times and accurate order fulfillment will lead to higher customer satisfaction.
    4. Print On Demand Service: Enable customers using OrderDesk to send in orders directly to DecoNetwork for fulfillment, with DecoNetwork billing the customer for the wholesale cost.

    Proposed Functionality:

    1. Order Import: Orders placed in OrderDesk should be automatically imported into DecoNetwork, including all relevant customer information, order details, and custom print specifications.
    2. Status Updates: Order status updates (e.g., processing, shipped, completed) should be synchronized between both platforms to provide real-time updates.
    3. Shipping Integration: Shipping details, including tracking numbers, should be automatically updated in both systems.
    4. Inventory Management: Integration should include inventory synchronization to ensure accurate stock levels are maintained across both platforms.
    5. Wholesale Billing: DecoNetwork should bill customers using OrderDesk for the wholesale cost of fulfilled orders, streamlining the billing process.
    6. Print On Demand: Facilitate a print-on-demand service where customers using OrderDesk can send orders directly to DecoNetwork for fulfillment.

    API Endpoints: To facilitate this integration, we would require access to the following API endpoints:

    • Order creation and management
    • Order status updates
    • Shipping information updates
    • Inventory synchronization
    • Billing and invoicing for wholesale costs

    Use Case Example:

    1. A customer places an order on our website.
    2. The order is automatically imported into OrderDesk.
    3. OrderDesk then sends the order details to DecoNetwork for fulfillment.
    4. DecoNetwork processes the order, updates the status, and generates shipping information.
    5. The updated status and shipping details are automatically synchronized back to OrderDesk.
    6. DecoNetwork bills the customer for the wholesale cost of the order.

    Conclusion: Integrating DecoNetwork with OrderDesk will significantly streamline our operations, improve order accuracy, enhance the overall customer experience, and provide a valuable print-on-demand service. We believe this feature will be highly beneficial to many other businesses using both platforms as well.

    We would greatly appreciate your consideration of this feature request and are willing to provide any additional information or participate in discussions to facilitate its implementation.

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    Jane O'Neill

    Great Summary Eric, I think this would benefit many Deco users greatly. 


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    Jessie M

    This is awesome Eric! A lot of my clients sell on multiple platforms including their own websites (usually shopify), Amazon, and Etsy and they use OrderDesk for their order management. With an app integration from OrderDesk to Deconetwork it seems it would be possible for their drop ship orders to be easily pushed through to our Deco store for production. That's kind of what I am envisioning with it. 

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