Add the ability to upload Illustrator (*.ai) files as artwork

Not planned



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    Matthew Romeo



    We need customers to be able to edit our already made .ai files - we don't use Corel Draw.

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  • DecoNetwork Team
    Cristofer Cruz

    This is unlikely as ai format is proprietary to Adobe.

    DecoNetwork is able to import CorelDraw files because initially the designer used CorelDraw version that ran in the cloud and are able to process those files; would need something similar for Illustrator however we have moved away from relying on desktop applications as web apps since there were issues with performance and scalability. Perhaps some older AI files could work since older formats are either PostScript or PDF based but that would mean you need to save your AI files down to an old version prior to import, and even so, some elements which contain Illustrator specific info would cause errors or not import.

    The focus now is on our own in-browser svg designer engine. You can import files in standard vector formats like EPS, SVG or PDF.

    Matthew Romeo I think your request is slightly different than Travis', you want the ability to upload editable templates in a format other than CorelDraw. I suggest you submit that as a separate request.

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