Decide to Show As Low As or Starting at Price on Blank Product Details Page



  • DecoNetwork Team
    Cristofer Cruz

    Hey Zach, the product details page is a live pricing page which updates as options, quantities are updated to reflect quantity discounts etc. Showing as low as price would mean price is no longer live and the customer would not see the price based on their selected options.

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    Zach Dewhurst


    Your explanation makes sense, but displaying the "As Low As" price is still something that would be nice to show the customer. Maybe the solution would be able to display the "As Low As" price in the "Extra Details" section like we can discounts. Or better yet show the unit price for the different quantities so the customer knows where the quantity breaks are. The only way the customer know where the price breaks are or how low the price will be is to start entering in quantities and see what comes out. 

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