Add a Production time against a Decoration process - eg 5 days for DTG, two weeks for embroidery

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    Stuart Morris

    This combined with would allow much better control over working time and lead time for different processes.

    We have four processes and different lead times for each, showing only one production days time is very misleading for customers and managing their expectations is increasing more complicated.

    We currently have a work around but it requires the sales team to remember to add the option every time there are multiple processes used or a longer turn around time for a specific process and doesn't work for internet orders. For info, we use the rush order function backwards as an extension time, reach out if you would like to know more.

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    Phil ET

    Yes, Turnaround based on decoration is a must.
    It must be in the product level as well as decoration level and quantity.
    As an example (days in parentheses can be adjusted by us in the back end)
    Embroidery logo (7 days).
    Embroidery text only (5 days)
    Dtg( 5 days)
    Screen printing one color (5 days)
    Screen printing multi color (10 days)
    Product A (2 days)
    Product B (0 day)
    Quantity over 50 add (3 days)
    If some orders
    Product A with a dtg it will be 2+5 days = 7 days turnaround and lets say they ordered 100 pieces it should add that 3 extra day too totaling 10 days.
    These turnaround times on product/ decoration/ quantity level can be added and linked in the backend.

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    Wilson Prieto

    im pretty sure most need this.

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    R Powers

    I can see so many requests for this feature or something similar, yet 2 years on still nothing. . .


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    Dan Reynolds

    Wow yeah 2 years and 34 upvotes! Is anybody at Deco even reading these! Seriously I’m not an expert, but how long could it possibly take a web developer to implement something like this?! Maybe a single workday?

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