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    Shawn Sckoropad (c)

    Would it be possible to ad a "discounts apply over" tab to be calculated "per product".

    For exemple if our client is ordering 300 Gildan soft style. 150 white tee & 150 black tees. we would like for the system to calculate the discount on the 300 units & not per line item. 

    Both shirts don't have the same design, so we can use the same design tab nor the all order item tabs since they're also ordering 500 black 6606 trucker caps.

    The other reason why this makes sense is that on the website, the "discount grids" are shown on each product pages. Which makes it confusion when ordering since none of the discount option are calculated per product. It's either per line item, per design or whole order... We're trying to scale & make it simpler for our sales team to educate our clients but this keeps being a pain point where we're either losing money or simply confusion the clients.

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    Ali Momin

    Volume Discount, applies to Product + Decoration.

    Example: $100 for blank product + $5 for Printing = $105

    If you setup 10% discount, it'll be $10.50 So $105 - $10.50 = $94.50 customer pays.

    So basically you're loosing money + paying $5.50 out of pocket to buy blank garment and free printing.

    I wish if they had check option says: "Apply to decoration only" not the blank shirts

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