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    Micha Weinblatt

    How do you add a decoration area? For instance, we want to add "Neck label" as an option.  I added the neck area, but was not able to define the actual location of the area.

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    Adam Pentland

    Admin - products - [select a product] - Views and Decoration Areas

    For the view (front / back / etc) press Add Area. 

    At the bottom of this screen (scroll down) choose "or, define a new area"

    Following this process will save a new area which can be used on other products.


    Good luck and happy decorating!

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    Micha Weinblatt (Edited )

    Thanks @adam!  How do you then add it in bulk?  I went to "Decoration Areas" but that area is not defined there... I want to be able to add a neck label to all apparel screen printed items.  See below it was added to a specific product, but doesn't show up 

    Decoration areas:

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    Adam Pentland (Edited )

    To make the area available to multiple products, go to Products - Decoration Areas and define it in there. The area will then be available for products of the same type as the category you add the area to (that will make sense when you see the screen). Make sure you save the new decoration area and then go back to your product(s) to add it.

    The placement will need to be turned on for every product and confirmed as the right location though - as no two products are exactly alike it can't be totally automatic. For example a neck label on a scarf is not in the same spot as a shirt. However the defined area (Neck Label in your case) will be available to quickly add as a decoration placement area.

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